A diversified, platform-based, multi-strategy hedge fund

Most multi-strategy hedge funds today fall either under the umbrella-, or the outsourcing category. We are thinking differently. Antiloop was founded with the purpose of creating a truly diversified, platform-based, multi-strategy hedge fund. 

But what does that mean?


In this construction, a fund company typically manages a few different funds, and a separate vehicle is created that invests in all the funds. The problem with this approach is that the funds are typically not constructed to be diversified and the multi-strategy fund just becomes a convenient way to invest in all the company’s products without really gaining much. An example of this type of hedge fund is Atlant Multi Strategi.


Here, a fund company creates a vehicle that invests in external managers. This approach typically creates a more diversified product but is inherently inefficient; since the managers are autonomous, there is no control over the individual positions or investment themes which may overlap significantly or even worse, contradict each other, leading to unnecessary costs. Brummer & Partners BMS falls into this category.


Antiloop is based on a platform model which relies on different in-house teams to manage separate strategies but still uses the same risk and execution platform. This format enables a CIO to have an overview of all positions and investment themes to make sure there are few overlaps or opposing investment ideas as well as ensuring the strategies are uncorrelated to each other. Millenium and Citadel are examples of this type of multi-strategy fund.

Even though Antiloop only has a limited number of portfolio managers, each portfolio manager can draw on the experience and input from the others to help with the management of the portfolio.