Mission and values

Mission & values

To become the global multi-asset gold standard of excellence. Antiloop offers investors a balanced combination of market neutral, hedged, exposures to most large asset classes, investing methodologies, and position holding times. Actively anti-loop, we aim to produce an independent, absolute 15% CAGR return stream, exhibiting low correlation to other assets and lower risk than for equity markets.

To build a company with an ambitious, motivated, high-performing, and well-rewarded team. To learn from our mistakes and celebrate our success together as a team. We believe in radical transparency and truth while maintaining a respectful and thoughtful attitude towards each other. Our culture should be colored by integrity, accountability, learning, and good intentions.


All investment decisions and everything that is produced by the company should be of the highest quality


We price integrity and practice sound judgment and common sense in everything that we do and believe in accountability and ownership of the outcome of our actions


We apply a continuous learning process to keep improving and learn from each other and from great thinkers around the world


We are committed to our mission and believe in seriousness of disposition, the sincerity of decision, and steadfastness towards a task's completion


We love what we do and believe that a passionate team will create the best result